April 10 - 13, 2011

Salzburg, Austria

Travel Grants

EuroSys, with generous donations from our sponsors Eurosys, Artist Design, and University of Salzburg, offers several grants to enable students, post-docs, and faculty, worldwide to attend the conference. Students, post-docs and researchers in Eastern Europe are specially invited to apply. The grants cover the EuroSys conference registration, including meals and proceedings, and possibly hotel room during the conference and funding for travel expenses.

Grants will be awarded by the grant committee based on a combination of need and merit. Students receiving a travel grant need to agree to serve as a session scribe (if required) during the conference. Applicants are encouraged to participate in the poster session and in the workshops.

Who can apply?

Funding is available to all students, post-docs and faculty at educational institutions, world-wide. Besides students, post-docs and researchers in Eastern Europe are also invited to apply.

How to apply

To apply you should submit the following:

  • A fully filled-out EuroSys Travel Grant Application. The application form appears below.
  • Students:
    • A letter of recommendation from your advisor, supporting the application, which must cover the technical merit of your participation.
  • A short position paper written by you explaining what benefit is expected from attending the conference and why the scholarship should be granted. The statement should describe any research you have been doing and list any papers you have published. It should be no longer than one page.

Applications have to be in plain text (no attachments, simple ASCII text in the body of your message), in English, and submitted by e-mail to The advisor's statement should be sent separately from the student's application, and should indicate the student's name in the "Subject" line.

The deadline for receipt of applications for student scholarships is March 1st, 2011.

Notifications will be sent out via e-mail by March 14th, 2011 .

For more information, contact Yolande Berbers ( or Dejan Kostic (

EuroSys Application Form


EuroSys program participation
[ ] I have submitted a paper to EuroSys 2011
[ ] I am the author of an accepted paper at EuroSys 2011

Participation at other EuroSys 2011 events:
I have submitted or intend to submit...
[ ] ... a paper to the doctoral symposium
[ ] ... a paper to a workshop affiliated with EuroSys
[ ] ... a poster
[ ] ... other: __________

Anticipated travel expenses (in Euros):

-- for students --

Degree pursued:
When you expect to finish:

Faculty advisor


[03 May 11] Etienne Riviere has some nice photos from Salzburg and the conference here.

[19 Apr 11]  Talk slides are online.

[14 Apr 11]  The EuroSys 2012 page is online and can be found here.

[11 Apr 11]  Photos from the conference are available here.

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